Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Are Being Attacked

The Chef is a BYOB guy... 

Brew Your Own Beer.

We have a name for the Brewery... and we have even named some of the beers. In fact, as I write this, I am waiting for a delivery from the beer store... next on tap for me... a Cherry (or Blueberry, I don't remember) Wheat. Shut up I like my fruit infused beers. 

So needless to say we are borderline alcoholics drink some beer. Now, because The Chef brews his own beer, we recycle beer bottles, as in, he bottles and caps them, we then drink them, and then they get rinsed and set aside so he can start the process all over again. He has been doing this for two years, and we finally started marking the caps. As for the taps downstairs... I have no clue what is in them... all I know is that it's yummy. Although I know he knows, I just refuse to get that face when I ask him what they are again. So like I said, we drink, we rinse, and they get stored.

Right now there are 5 or 6 on the kitchen counter, waiting for a bottle box (or milk crate) to free up so they can be put away...

But it's summer....

It doesn't seem to matter how well we rinse the bottles... every summer since he has been doing this, we have been getting these nasty little buggers... the dreaded fruit fly. They like to get their drink on too hang out right by the bottles. 

I know where we get them... my dear mother-in-law buys my babes fruit. She has since we have moved into this house. The kids get a kick out of it, and if she minded she wouldn't do it. So once a week, when they go food shopping, she brings over apples, grapes, strawberries and those effing bananas. 

Yeah... I know that is where they first enter my house... from the damn bananas. But Jelly LOVES bananas... and he will eat all of what she brings in a day if we would let him... 

I'm getting ready to put out the vinegar and bread. I am trying to do a natural approach this year since Pineapple is here instead of pulling out the industrial strength spray can of dumb little annoying drunk fly-b-gone. My Grandmother swears by the stuff so I will give it a shot.

What is the worst that will happen?