Friday, July 27, 2012

Sometimes "The Man" Pushes Harder

Last year, after many hours of discussion, The Chef and I decided to pull Butter out of the traditional brick and mortar school and we enrolled him into an online charter school. For a while it was great. Things were more rigid than what the school had led me to believe I expected, but overall it wasn't that bad. That is until we hit the Earth Science unit. It wasn't coming easy to him like the other units were, and the only cool experiment was completed and filed away Long story short, he struggled... completely bombed a test and ultimately ended up with a 67%. According to the school that was a "failing" grade, and the school expelled him.

So, I went ahead and put together a traditional homeschooling plan (because there wasn't any I could justify sending Butter back to an environment where his teachers considered him a bother and other kids thought he was a punching bag) and submitted it to my local school district. In talking to other homeschooling parents in my area, they said it wasn't uncommon for it to take weeks for any sort of notification to come back to the parent. 

3 weeks after he was expelled (and 1 week after I had mailed out my notification letter to the district) I received a letter from the district's truancy office asking me why Butter wasn't at school. I call the officer and told him that I am homeschooling, etc. and he says "Great. Just wait for your notification."

Then everything imploded.
Yeah, kinda like that

The truancy officer started to call almost daily saying that the district never received my intent letter (my 
mistake was not sending the thing certified). He demanded that I gave him our address because he had stopped by the old house (Oh yeah, we moved across town) to do a home inspection. Our conversations consisted of him speaking down to me, telling me what a horrible parent I was because Butter wasn't in a brick and mortar school, I in turn, would talk to him as if I were trying to explain something to Pineapple. 

**Pop Quiz**
Because I was being a pain in the ass difficult, and wouldn't give into the bully, he called.... 

  1. The Chef (cell and work Numbers were school contact numbers)
  2. My Mom (emergency contact for school)
  3. My Mother-in-Law (emergency contact for the school)

If you answered "The Chef" you are completely wrong. He thought tattling talking to my mom was the best course of action. It didn't take long for him understand that he was going to get even less from her, no matter how nice/sweet/faux caring he tried to be. This got his panties even more in a twist and he started calling me again, but this time, he started to email me as well. Because the condensation that he unsuccessfully used before didn't get the desired response, he turned into flat out intimidation.  

I'm just going to leave this gem of an email here:

"Contact me immediately with [Butter]'s current enrollment status, and updated residency information. Failure to enroll [Butter] into school will result in the arrest of the parent/guardian."

"I'm going to have you arrested. Give me your address."

ha ha ha... right on top of that buddy
In all seriousness, all he had to do was a reverse look up of my phone number. We took it with us.

The Chef and I had MANY a... conversation.... about this. He kept telling me this wasn't the hill I was supposed to die on... and while I understood what he was saying, the thought of sending Butter back there was making me sick. 

I *knew* we were going to have to enroll him back into the brick and mortar school. I just waited until we absolutely had too. When I finally did, there was just over a month left. 


A week or so after school lets out for summer,  my mom calls me and tells me that I was served with a summons. I was being charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor, and Failure to Send. Both are First Degree misdemeanors (in my state). The max. penalty was $1500, 6 months jail time, and 500 hours of community service. 

HOLY CRAP! I was getting charged...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's.... Valentine's Day?

I do this thing for Valentine's Day...

I get my babes fancy lunches and give them a card that tells them that I love them more than anything in the world. I started doing it when Butter was in Kindergarten, and I have never missed a year...

...until this year.

Valentine's Day just snuck up on me this year. In fact I didn't even realize that today was the 14th until Banana spoke up at bed time last night and said, "I need 21 Valentine's, Mom."

Crap. "Jelly! How many Valentine's do you need?"

"I don't know. 100?" 

He got The Look.

"18 I think?"

Think? Double Crap.

So after the house had quieted down, and all the animals with both two and four legs were tucked soundly in their beds, I set off to work to make 21 (22 because it's a nice round number) girly-ish valentines for Banana, and 18 (20, because the word think is bouncing around in my head) boy-ish valentines for Jelly. 

Once I got the concept down, they took no time to put together. All it really took was substitution for boy-ish patterned paper with rock star/glam patterned paper. 

Voila, 42 valentine's for children class parties.


I just completely forgot. My stupid tradition that I started all those years ago, and I forgot about it. Butter, Banana, Jelly, and Pineapple received no special lunches, and no cards to tell them how much I love them.

I tried to make it up to them by making them pink chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for dinner. A special "Valentine's Dinner". Even though they said they enjoyed it, even though they thought is was hillarious to be eating pink pancakes, There was no magic moment at the cafe table, your mom telling you... JUST YOU... that she loves you...

I won't forget next year. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm going to try

I don't have the willpower (like most people I know) to carry through with resolutions. So I am going to try... it's the most that any of us can do.

I'm going to try... to look on the brighter side of things. I used too. I know I can again.
I'm going to try... to be better towards my fellow man even if they are not better towards me.
I'm going to try... to keep the promises I make to myself.
I'm going to try... to follow through with my projects.
I'm going to try... to be more productive.

What are you going to try and do with this year?