Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Lazy Suday Afternoon

I half heatedly said that I was going to keep up with this... and unfortunately I haven't. There isn't just much to say. Our lives are pretty routine at this point... nothing exciting going on.

I have been diving into my fandom head first again, and that is giving me a much needed break from my own paranoia about the current events in our country. Because the hormone of choice this pregnancy is rage, it's just better if I don't spend too much time banging my head into walls. It does nothing but give me a head ache.

School is right around the corner, and so is my children's sport of choice... hockey. I almost feel as if I just left the rink, the smelly equipment, and that life behind... and here it is starting again. Luckily, when the babes being so close in age, Banana, can wear Butter's equipment this year, and we luckily were able to pick up equipment for him on clearance last year.

So, yeah... nothing new... which sometimes is the best.