Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day One

I can't believe I actually did it. I started NaNoWriMo. I have wanted to for the last few years, but something always got in the way. (Last year I had a pretty darn good excuse me thinks.) But I started it.

One of the pieces of advice they give you on the site is not to write a story you have been thinking about. Something about being too invested, thinking too much... oh I read that advice two years ago... but it makes sense. So I haven't been thinking about Merrissa or Santino... to the point where I forgot Merrissa's mother's name. (It's Jazz BTW.)

So I think I will be blogging more? I honestly don't know. Real Life is going to get hectic... It's already started. But I feel the need to... write... to share words... because words are awesome...and they are just spilling from me.

I feel good, energized. Do I think that this is going to be the next great big thing? Oh hell no. I know better. Even with Doe's story I know better, but what I hope this brings me, is the knowledge and the ability to believe in myself. That I can do, that I can mark off one of the HUGE items on my shoulda coulda woulda list.

So, if you are writing a novel this November, and want a writing buddy, let me know. We can be each others cheerleaders.