Please don't tell me that is their real names...

This blog publishes to Facebook and Twitter, and I public post it to Google+. I have found some awesome blogs that way, and thought why not.

Because I did this though, I wanted to protect my babes if I could. I don't call them by their real names anywhere on the internet. Call me paranoid, overzealous, or just plain crazy, but I don't want everyone and anyone to be able to connect them to me, or find out who they are.

So no, their real names aren't various food items.

Butter is the oldest. He is my ADHD kid, who was homeschooled for two years.
Banana is right behind him. She's my hockey player.
Jelly is behind her. He is going to use all of his charm for extreme good or extreme evil.
Pineapple is the baby. She is many years behind the rest of them.

I hope that clears some things up.

P.S. The Chef you ask? I just didn't want him to feel left out.