Saturday, June 26, 2010

To Banana on her 8th birthday

{Note: I have gotten into the habit of writing my babes letters on their birthdays. One day, when they are old enough to appreciate them, I will hand them all over. Either that, or they will get them when I die. Either way... I want them to know, to understand, how they were, who they were, and just how much I loved them.}

Dear Banana,

You are officially 8, and officially driving me nuts. Not in the "I have to drink everyday to cope with you way" it's more like the "Where did you come from" kinda way. You are so much more of a girl than I was/am/ever thought to be. Not that it's bad, I'm just unsure on how to deal with you when you get like that. I know that some of it is your budding hormones... which I can't believe you are old enough to have yet. Some of it I am sure is because of Pineapple. Not saying that you don't love her... because there is not a single doubt in my mind that you do. I know you do. But she is a girl... and I am sure that people fawning over her isn't helping you any.

Not that you would admit it. 

And I love you for that. There are days when I throw my hands up in the air and scream at the gods, and then you come out and throw your arms around me and tell me you love me. It is genuine, sincere, and it does make me feel better. Even though there are sometimes when you don't choose the right time to do it. I know you mean the best when you do. 

See, that's the thing about you. You are always trying to make others feel better. You do what you can to make it happen. Even if it means giving some of your things away. Even if it means that you would go without. Which I guess know is the reason why your dad and I have a hard time with it when you say, "This is MINE!" It's just so unlike you. I'm working on it. Your dad is working on it. And I hope by this time next year, if you do say that, we won't get pissy with you like we do now.

You like your hair short, much to your father's dismay. I understand it though. I keep mine short. You don't look the best with longer hair, even though this last time when we went to get it cut, I begged you not to get it cut as short as you did. You actually wanted it shorter... but I said no. If you are anything like me, there will come a day when you will just do it. But that day is somewhat in the future. I would say a long time, but I know better... it seems like yesterday you were 2.

You are turning into one helluva hockey player. You played forward this year in Spring, but you keep telling us you want to be a goalie. We bought you a stick, and all we need now is to get you a baseball glove. If you want to be a goalie, I am not going to stop you, but I wish you wouldn't be. You GET being a center. You GET positioning and what you have to do when you get the puck. You GET it all... But I know no matter what position you choose... be it a goalie or a forward or defense, that you will rock it. You have heart for the game. You love it. 

You still have a love affair with giraffes. I don't get it, but I don't need too. Moo Moo bought you a stuffed one in a blanket that very very rarely comes out of your room. You take it to her house when you spend the night, and when I come in at night to kiss you and turn off your light, you are sleeping with it. When we go to the zoo, we spend a ton of time at their exhibit just looking at them. If it keeps up, I can see you getting a tattoo of one someday. 

You are also finding music... more so than before. Moo Moo and Grandpap bought you an MP3 player for your birthday, and I have been busy filling it with music for you. Some of the stuff... Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Lady Ga Ga makes me gag, but it is yours... and I have to remember that I was a pop junkie too at one point (Hell, I do like Miley's song: Party in the USA). Pop music is good... in small doses. It's like the junk food of music. LOL 

You are a scrapbooking junkie too. Again, no surprise there, that is my hobby of choice. And Grandma does it, and Moo Moo does it. Grandma got you scrapbooking stuff for your birthday as a matter of fact... so did Aunt Nyoka. You are constantly begging me for pictures... I told your dad that we are going to need two printers, one for you and one for me. 

You just finished up the 2nd grade. Your teacher's name was Miss L. You liked her enough. Everything in school comes easy for you except for spelling, which you come by never so naturally... but the thing about that is, I don't think you really try at it either. You haven't had one thing that you have struggled with, and I think that because everything else is so easy for you, you think why bother. Well that is what I think anyway. 

You have a few friends besides the ones you were born with. E being the most important and who has claimed the title of BFF. You two don't see each other as much as you both would like, I know that is partially my fault because I don't have a car to take you to her house, or to bring her here. I'm working on it. I hope that she will be in your class again next year. I think that would do you a world of good. E is a good kid. I like her. And when your parents like your BFF it makes the world smoother. 

You like to read... which I find to be awesome. I love to read... and when I was your age it is what I did. I would read for hours and hours, which is what you do. You take your books upstairs, and I can't tell you how many nights I have had to turn off your light, with the book opened beside you. You are picky about what you read... just like your dad. If the story doesn't grab you instantly, you are over it. You read to Jelly a lot, and Pineapple frustrates you because she won't sit still. 

I am amazed everyday with the things that you do, the things that you say. I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. I am so lucky that you choose me to be your mom. I just hope that I can continue to do right by you.

With all my love...

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