Sunday, June 6, 2010

Awesome things I forgot

Pineapple came along 5 years after Jelly. In that time things have changed... like no strawberries until 1 year. And of course somethings have stayed the same… like putting babies on their back to sleep. But you forget so many of the little awesome things that infants do.

Here's some of things I forgot, in no order…

Hearing them play in thier crib through the monitor.

The first time they reach for you.

When they learn how to splash in the tub.

After they get teeth and bite themselves.

When they get so excited they turn into little jumping machines. (Ok, my babes turn into jumping machines.)

When they roll over and get mad.

Being used as a teether.

Now here are some of the things that are just as awesome as I remember...

Big, open mouthed, slobber filled kisses.

When they scare themselves with thier voice. Be it laughing or just cooing.

Watching them get excited about something new.

Having them tap you when you are tapping them, be it for a burp or to try to get them to go to sleep.

Holding a sleeping baby.

Yeah… babies rock.

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