Monday, January 10, 2011

When being an optimist just... sucks

I "knew" that life was going to get tough. I "knew" that things were going to change, and that I would miss him, and that the babes would miss him. I "knew" he was going to be tired... like he hasn't been tired before. I "knew" that I had to support him... and it was going to be nothing like the support I had given him before.

I "knew" all this, I swear to you I did. 

But here is when being an optimist just... sucks.

In the period of the 6 weeks or so that the restaurant has been open the following has happened:
  1. Banana had a game an hour away. She didn't have her elbow pads or mouthgaurd.
  2. They have eaten more junky, fast food than I care to admit.
  3. They have become entitled and expect drinks and junk at ice rinks.
  4. I had to explain to the Kindergarten teacher that The Chef and I haven't split, Sundays are the only day he really sees his dad anymore.
  5. Butter got sent home from school for telling his teacher to get bent.
  6. They see a weakness, and are poking Momma till Momma roars.
I wasn't ready for... this ... and I am a "give me two weeks notice so I can process all of this" kinda girl. This blindsided me. I had convinced myself that it was going to be ok... 

The babes and I are faring. 

But damn I didn't think my stress level was going to be at the "red alert" stage... all the time

And because I was unprepared for exactly how this was going to change my family dynamic, I have over compensated on somethings, and went stagnant for others. I have made some iffy decisions, and have found the "do not cross" line. 

Now that I do know how this has affected the 6 of us, I KNOW it. 

I just have a feeling I'm going to have to stock up on some red bull.

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