Saturday, January 29, 2011

That's why?

There are things that Butter does, that drive The Chef and I straight up the wall. One of the big ones? Doing his homework and not turning it in. I mean, I get not doing it (lying about having any), but to do it, and then not turn it in... I just want to shake him. I can't count how many times I have said, "Dude. You're doing it, turn it in." I tell his teachers that he does it and they look at me like I'm lying for him.  And because he has done his homework for... well... as many years as he has been in school... and has always had this problem, he has taken to not doing it. He figures "why bother". He gets frustrated. I get frustrated. His teachers get frustrated.

Lather, wash, repeat.

Earlier this week, Butter had an appt. with his doctor to discuss the medication. I mentioned to his doctor that he is having issues with homework.

Doctor: "Doing it, or turning it in?"
Me: *half laugh* "Turning it in."
Doctor: smiling "That's the lack of organization part of the ADHD. His teacher, you and Butter need to figure out a way that works for him."

Say wha......

I wish I would have recorded it so I could play it for every single teacher he has ever had.

It felt good to hear that it's not us per ce, it's everybody...

It's the ADHD.

The Chef and I have never let Butter use it as an excuse for anything, but this IS the reason that the "normal" things aren't happening.

I smiled Thursday morning as I passed the dinning room table. There laid out was his responsibility sheet, and his math book. It's the ADHD.

Why is his stuff scattered everywhere, and looks like complete chaos, but he can find anything and everything? It's the ADHD.

Why do I have to remind him 8,000 times to do something? Yep you guessed it. It's that he's a 10 year old boy.

But at least now I have an answer about the homework.

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  1. A does this a lot too, and hes older and it frustrates me to no end as well!!