Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's.... Valentine's Day?

I do this thing for Valentine's Day...

I get my babes fancy lunches and give them a card that tells them that I love them more than anything in the world. I started doing it when Butter was in Kindergarten, and I have never missed a year...

...until this year.

Valentine's Day just snuck up on me this year. In fact I didn't even realize that today was the 14th until Banana spoke up at bed time last night and said, "I need 21 Valentine's, Mom."

Crap. "Jelly! How many Valentine's do you need?"

"I don't know. 100?" 

He got The Look.

"18 I think?"

Think? Double Crap.

So after the house had quieted down, and all the animals with both two and four legs were tucked soundly in their beds, I set off to work to make 21 (22 because it's a nice round number) girly-ish valentines for Banana, and 18 (20, because the word think is bouncing around in my head) boy-ish valentines for Jelly. 

Once I got the concept down, they took no time to put together. All it really took was substitution for boy-ish patterned paper with rock star/glam patterned paper. 

Voila, 42 valentine's for children class parties.


I just completely forgot. My stupid tradition that I started all those years ago, and I forgot about it. Butter, Banana, Jelly, and Pineapple received no special lunches, and no cards to tell them how much I love them.

I tried to make it up to them by making them pink chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for dinner. A special "Valentine's Dinner". Even though they said they enjoyed it, even though they thought is was hillarious to be eating pink pancakes, There was no magic moment at the cafe table, your mom telling you... JUST YOU... that she loves you...

I won't forget next year. 

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