Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm going to try

I don't have the willpower (like most people I know) to carry through with resolutions. So I am going to try... it's the most that any of us can do.

I'm going to try... to look on the brighter side of things. I used too. I know I can again.
I'm going to try... to be better towards my fellow man even if they are not better towards me.
I'm going to try... to keep the promises I make to myself.
I'm going to try... to follow through with my projects.
I'm going to try... to be more productive.

What are you going to try and do with this year?

1 comment:

  1. I am going to try to organize my mind, my body, my life and my house.
    I am going to say "no" more to things and people that drag me down.
    I am going to be the best mom-to-boys there ever was.