Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grace in Small Things The First One

Because the Universe in her wisdom has decided to smack me and mine around, I need something to remind me why people smile.. that the glass is actually half full... and all that... stuff.

The idea behind Grace in Small Things (GiST), you are supposed to post 5 things everyday, for a year. I know I have to work up to that. (Yeah, I MAY eventually finish the 30 days of Blogging) So I am going to go with 5 things today... and we'll take it from there.

(Thanks to Heather for her ability to call Perfect Timing)

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  1. I used to do something similar, actually started a separate, specific blog for it. I'd list at least 3 happy things from my day. I should get back to it.

    I checked out the gist website, and can't really figure out - do the "small things" have to be something specific that you saw/felt/did that day, or just anything you can think of?

  2. So glad you are playing along. Hoping we can get together this week-I haven't made it upstairs to look at my schedule yet.