Saturday, July 23, 2011

Banana has been on this kick of wanting to watch scary movies. Her best friend (who has just moved out of state) watched and told her about Paranormal Activity. She begged me to watch it when she found out that The Chef and I had it recorded on his DVR to watch for one of our stay-at-home date nights. I told her no more than once because I *knew* it would scare her. But still she begged, she told me all about it, and pleaded her case to both The Chef and I. This time it wasn't just me telling her no, she got the same answer from her dad.

Well tonight, being a Friday there was nothing on the television. I suggested a movie, and seeing that Paranormal Activity was only an hour and a half, The Chef pressed play, and I looked at her and a smile was pulling at the corners of her mouth. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to see it. She nodded yes, her eyes fixed on the screen, her lovey placed gently at her side.

She was doing great until The Chef said, "Whoa". She climbed up into my lap, holding her lovey tight to her chest. We watched a few more minutes, and I whispered in her ear, "It's ok if you are scared. If you want to go and watch TV in the other room, we won't tease you." But she stayed strong... that is until the last 2 minutes. She stood up and said "I'm outta here", and she walked out. I suggested watching one of the Hannah episodes that is recorded on the front room TV. The Chef and I half laughed, and suddenly the movie was over, and I have never been so glad that she had decided to leave. She missed the last 15 seconds, and The Chef and I both agreed that it would have been THAT which her nightmares would be made of. She walked back into the room, and we told her that she had made it, that she had watched the entire thing.

She got to watch two Hannah episodes, and we sent her to bed with hugs and kisses and telling her to think good, happy thoughts...

... and she ended up sleeping on the couch.

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