Monday, March 14, 2011

There is something about nail polish

Say it with me: "Ooooo Maaaaaanicuuuuuressss" (a la Homer Simpson).

I love nail polish. I always just feel better when my nails are done. It's my Sunday night ritual... after the babes are in their beds, while I am watching TV, I'll remove, buff, shape and polish. It's my pamper me time, nothing more and nothing less. 

And it's not like I have great nails. They are brittle, and they split and peel, and I can never seem to get them longer than the tip of my finger, but having color on them just makes them... better. (And of course the polish strengthens them. I'm no fool.) 

And the colors... Any color you can imagine and any color you can create... The Chef has finally given up and realized that if I want to paint my nails hot pink and put teal polka dots on them, that is exactly what I'm gonna do. Bless him though, he keeps trying to keep me in a supply of beiges and light pinks.

So imagine the great dance of joy when I found this blog: The Daily Manicure The woman who writes this blog is wonderful. She tests and cirques all sorts of nail polish goodness... Like the Sally Hansen nail stickers which I have been on the fence post about trying and how to do some really fun and funky manicures (Some of them are way to out of the box for me... but damn, they still look like fun to do.)

So go and take a gander, get inspired and rock those wonderful nails of yours!

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