Thursday, March 17, 2011

Facebook and Betty Crocker Strike Again

It's St. Patrick's Day...

When you are older, that means a parade, corned beef and green beer.

When you are in Kindergarten, that means wearing green and bringing in green treats.

And when you are my Kindergartener, that means I spend all night in the kitchen, because Green Rice Krispy Treats just won't cut it. (Besides, when you set the bar here, you need to keep it up.)

I figured I was just going to make cut outs, in the shape of a 4 leaf clover and call it a day. I don't have a clover cut out (Seriously Wilton? In putting together 101 cookie cutters, no one said, "a 4 leaf clover"?) so I was going to use a small heart and make them.

But dang it... Facebook and Betty Crocker strike again. Saw these, and THAT is what Jelly had to take to school. (I need to STAY AWAY from Facebook when I am trying to come up with ideas.)

Not as Pretty as they are in Betty's kitchen

I did learn something when making these... and it's something I need to remember for next time...

1) Put the cookies on wax paper when you pour the icing over them.

But they are done... and I am sure Jelly will like them.

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