Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We got our Marine!

The Chef had this wonderful idea. He suggested that we adopt an Armed Service member who is deployed overseas. We can write to them, send goodies, and just try to make their day a little brighter. Just something to say that people do care.

But there is another reason why we are doing this. We want to show our babes, who have damn near everything and anything that they want, that there are simple things that people can do to make someone's life better. That we need to support our service men and women... even if the only thing this family can do is send cookies and other small items.

We are going to have the babes draw Our Marine pictures, and I am thinking that Butter and Banana may write letters that we can send with the package.

I am excited about this. I hope that Our Marine has the time to email us back. If not, I have a few ideas of what to send from a few of my girlfriends who husbands are in the military. Maybe once Our Marine opens the package and sees how kick ass it is, we will get a response.

I just see this as being a good thing for all of us.

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  1. Excellent! We did the same. It's just kind of nice to be able to show the little ones what's right.