Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I wasn't ready to start beauty school. It was more a necessity than a want. Oh, I knew I was going to do something... Eventually... You know, after Pineapple went to Kindgergarten (yeah, we all knew I meant first grade). 

I'm glad I started when I did. 

Scared? That's one way to put it. I had to tell myself several times a day that I was a rock star (shoot, I still do). There is still so much information to absorb and honestly, there is a ton of personal refining I have to do. Staying at home for the past 11 years has depleted my tolerance for stupid people. 

But back to the picture...

You will never be ready... There will always be an excuse on why you should wait. Life doesn't wait. Life just keeps going. 

So do it... Whatever IT is. I did... And it's been amazing!

(I found the image on Pintrest, which links back to here: cupcakesforbreakfast.com)

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