Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Top Ten 2010

I love lists... which is why I'm sure that I'm the one that always fills out those meme's "5 movies that changed your life" or "10 songs that will always put a smile on your face" So without much further.... eh... here it is:

Top Ten of 2010
(in no particular order)

10) Dish Network: Everything I want, for a fraction of the price. No outages, no problems, and I have my soul back from Time Warner.
9) Pineapple: Not that I'm not thankful for all of my children, but there is something about this little girl. Maybe it's because she is the last baby... Maybe it's because we hang all day while the other ones are in school, Maybe it's because she's just her... I'm not sure... but all I know is that she's awesome.
8) The Move to Elyria: The Babes are doing so good here. The schools are awesome, the hockey program is wonderful, and they have friends on the street. Plus, I'm in the same town as my bestfriend.
7) Friendships: I'm in my early 30's. I figured what friends I had now, it what I had. Never in a million years did I think that I would make that connection and actually develop a true friendship. 
6) My Blackberry: I love it. I really don't know WHY I fought having a smart phone for so long. It's wonderful even if I do get a smidge bothered by it dinging at me when I'm out and I get new email.
5) The ability to wear Pin Up Clothes: I have the figure to wear them, and I look darn good in them. This site is my new favorite.
4) MadaDesign: It's still in it's infancy, but I have great plans for it.
3) Delores: She's a punk, she doesn't listen, but she's exactly what I wanted. I wanted a lap dog and she is perfectly content to climb into my lap while we wait for The Chef to come home.
2) Kim Harrison. She's the brilliant author behind the Rachel Morgan, The Hallows series. I am so very happy that I found this spectacular author.
1) Fracas

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