Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm writing a novel this November. Are you?

Molly... you devious little muse you....

I was thinking about the book... the one I promised would be written by the end of the year... the one I swore I would complete... the one that I haven't touched in months... and I... yeah.

Anyway, my mom was cleaning out some stuff at her house and brought me things I thought were long gone, like Jelly's first Ren Faire pic. (Yeah, I smiled all afternoon about that one.) and in it was some BS writing that I did back... YEARS ago. I could tell that it was just more notes than anything, but it was painful to read.

But I remember that story. That was the first one. The VERY first one. The one that my sister and I had dreams of becoming a soap opera, the one that we had twisted and turned around and actually wrote an outline for. Granted looking back on that outline now, there is no way that a 40 year old Colonel in Army would knowingly have a relationship with his son's girlfriend's twin sister, who was 16 by the way. (You got all that?) But there were other parts. One of them being this amazing love story.

... Damien and Doe are going to go and sit on a shelf for a while...

... and I am going to write this one. The first one...

I'm writing a novel this November. Are you?

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  1. I should, because I got no where quick with mine last year.