Sunday, March 21, 2010

Morning at the rink

And so begins another Spring season. I'm watching Banana on the ice, trying to show these boys that a girl can play. She's trying to impress me, picking up speed when she passes the glass where I am sitting.

These boys though, don't seem to care that she is a girl. They are passing her the puck, and not one has made a comment.

It's amazing what a different program has to offer not only Banana, but Butter as well.

One of the worst things that The Chef and I did, was to put him back in the program we left. He hasn't been this excited about hockey, since he first started playing.

I just hope his self esteem hasn't suffered any permanent damage.

I want my babes to excel. I want they to know what a real team is. I want them to know that all coaches are not like the ones we left...

But above all, I just want them to have fun.

I think this is the program we can do that in.

(And oh yes... This rink is cold.)

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